Glacier National Park in Montana

Bar Stool Races in Hungry Horse, MT

Every February, a few small communities outside Glacier National Park hold "Cabin Fever Days", and their famous bar stool races



The bar stool races are a hoot!  Entrants fashion a hybrid 'Soap Box Derby' type racer mounted on skis and compete for bragging rights. Mostly, this is an attempt to alleviate cabin fever.


Your iPod as tour guide

The annual "Cabin Fever Days" is a community fundraising event and possibly the most excitement locals experience until the snow melt. This year (Feb. 10, 2008) we drove up to Martin City to watch the races.  The video above almost show how much fun this event is and why you need to put this on your calendar for next year.

Local Flavor

Hungry Horse Montana bills itself as the "Best Dam Town in the West", and that of course, is because of the Hungry Horse reservoir and dam. Only an eye blink on the road to Glacier National Park, but Coram and Martin City are even smaller. These small communities band together each February to hold these bar stool races and alleviate the inhabitants cabin fever. This is all done in the form of a fundraiser for the community. Enjoy a few more pics of the festivities.

Race Day Wipeout South Fork Saloon Dam Town Tavern Packer's Roost

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