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If you want to really see Glacier National Park, you need to know more about it.  We are dedicated to helping you learn more about this magnificent national treasure of ours.  Enjoy!

Glacier National Park - what you want to know!

One of the best kept secrets in America, Glacier Park is possibly the most beautiful, awe-inspiring natural wonders in the United States.  Designated as a national park in 1910, Glacier is comprised of 1,600 square miles with elevations ranging from 3,150 to 10,466 feet (Mount Cleveland).

Open daily, year-round, but some visitor services such as hotels, tours and restaurants, are only open from late May through September.  Every road or hiking trail offers spectacular scenery and abundant wildlife viewing.  

Glacier National Park Centennial

Glacier National Park 100 years old!2001 is the official Glacier National Park Centennial and there are special events planned for the entire year.  Visit the website and follow along with the celebration. More than 35 Hollywood films were set in Glacier National Park over the years. In honor of film being an American tradition, the Glacier Centennial Program is hosting a film festival throughout 2013 .

Going-to-the-Sun Road is closed, but plowing is on!
Check back for updates!

Cabin Fever Days?

Just outside the park are the communities of Coram, Martin City and Hungry Horse, Montana.  Every year they hold an annual fundraiser called "Cabin Fever Days" and the highlight of the celebration is the "Bar Stool Races.  See what happened this year at the bar stool races during cabin fever days.


Plowing Going-to-the-Sun Road begins in April and the road is usually opened for traffic in late May or early June. It won't be long now as the plows are nearing Logan Pass. The crews have been hampered by late season snow storms and with clearing rock slides and debris from a number of avalanches.

Spring is a magnificent time to be in the park. The melt of the snowpack has the rivers raging, snow is still on the peaks while wild flowers are in full bloom. A sunny day is a photographer's dream.  Come see for yourself!


Summertime activities include hiking and backpacking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing and photography, biking, camping, boating, fishing and of course, sightseeing.   Some activities such as horseback outings cost extra, but are worth it.  Places to see in the summer months include Logan Pass Visitor Center, Many Glacier, Lake McDonald, and the famed Going-to-the-Sun Road.  (Be advised that there are size restrictions on the Going-to-the-Sun Road as vehicles longer than 21 feet or wider than 8 feet including mirrors are prohibited.)  Thirteen campgrounds are available and a variety of other lodging accommodations.

Fall in the park

Glacier wildlifeWith the summer tourists hibernating, traffic in the park subsidies significantly. Fall comes early to the higher elevations and new snow can appear on the peaks as early as September. Glacier in the fall is a glorious experience, so pack up the car, bring plenty of film and come on up!


In winter, due to extreme weather conditions, the park is mostly inaccessible. Some of the main access gates are open, but few of the roads are maintained or open to traffic. Some people will park and do a little hiking, but you probably will not get very far without your snowshoes. However, this is an excellent time to view wildlife such as deer, moose and eagles. 

Don't miss other activities that occur in winter near Glacier.  The now famous "Bar Stool Races" in Hungry Horse, just outside the park and the annual Polebridge Iditarod.

Glacier trivia - do you know...

The answers to all of these questions - and a whole lot more - are found on this website.  Before you visit Glacier National Park, learn more about it first - you'll see more than you can imagine.  So, we invite you to explore our entire site before you venture forth to Glacier Park.  As a national park, Glacier belongs to all of us, but I have to admit that I consider it "My Glacier".


FREE shuttle service began July 1st. More...

More info about the Polebridge sled dog race & skijoring races.March 3rd. & 4th., 2007 - 26th. Annual Root Beer Classic sled dog race was run.  The race began at 10:00AM at the Polebridge Mercantile.  Read more...

New wildlife photos added from Whitefish, MT's professional photographer, Cristal Jones. See these stunning wildlife photos here.

Do you feel lucky?  After the sightseeing is over for the day and you are looking for something different to experience, The Glacier Peaks Casino in Browning formally opened Sept. 29th. more...

Going-to-the-Sun Road's $170 million renovation project is under way. That's the good news, unfortunately that means that parts of the road will be closed to traffic during the '07 season.  You will still be able to reach Logan Pass, but you may need to approach the pass from the East access at St. Mary. Existing tour services, like Sun Tours and tours by Glacier Park, Inc., will continue. Read more...

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  • Glacier National Park preserves over 1,000,000 acres - a hikers paradise containing 700 miles of maintained trails that lead deep into one of the largest intact ecosystems in the lower 48 states.

  • Glacier Natural History Association is a nonprofit cooperating association of the National Park Service.  GNHA helps to support Glacier National Park's educational, interpretive, cultural and scientific program needs.

  • Glacier National Park Bookstore is Glacier Natural History Association's electronic bookstore. Here you will find a wide selection of books and other products designed to educate the visitor to Glacier National Park and the surrounding area

  • Glacier National Park Visitors Center visit this site before you go for everything you need to know about the park.

  • Glacier National Park Historic Overview includes the National Historic Landmark nominations for Lake McDonald Lodge and the Great Northern Railway Buildings in Glacier National Park.

  • Avalanche Information covers the areas adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway corridor in Glacier National Park and the drainages directly accessed from this corridor.

  • Park Maps - The National Park Service has maps to many National Park areas, including Glacier, available digitally.

  • National Park Foundation is a place to get your park passes, learn about the Junior Ranger program, subscribe to their newsletter and much more...

  • National Park Service of the Department of the Interior.  Learn more about Glacier and other National Parks.

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The ultimate tourist T-shirt

Get the ultimate tourist T-shirtThere is a hilarious new website called Montana Sucks - don't let the name fool you.  Their purpose is to try to convince tourists not to visit Montana by spreading a rumor that Montana sucks.  This is an entertaining spoof using a Smokey Bear look-alike who says, "Only you can prevent tourist tires" (from entering Montana). Check out Montana Sucks and get the definitive tourist tee shirt.

Planning a vacation?

There is so much to see and experience within the boundaries of the park that you could stay for a month and never see everything.  If you are planning to visit Glacier on your vacation, you just must dedicate one day to experiencing Flathead Lake, which lies southwest of the park abutting the city of Kalispell. This is the largest natural lake west of the Great Lakes and rated as one of the purest and most beautiful lakes in the world.  Learn more about Flathead Lake!

Glacier Blog

Houston, we have blog.  There is so much to talk about... northwest Montana is a tourist haven that attracts people from all corners of the globe. The best way to update you on everything from weather conditions and road construction to 'don't miss' activities is via a blog. So, we launched a blog and hope you will subscribe. Get the latest news and discover what's happening now by browsing our blog!

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