Glacier National Park in Montana

Everything you want to know about Polebridge


People Population (winter 25) (summer 200) - Elk Population (year round "a bunch")

Elk herd in winter of '06 two miles south of Polebridge

Polebridge Mercantile & CabinsPolebridge, located in the North Fork Valley and Glacier National Park, is a "must see" stop for anyone visiting Glacier National Park. This is the kind of town that existed 100 years ago, boasting one bar, the Northern Lights Saloon and the Polebridge Mercantile, a store/bakery/gas station. The mercantile also has cabins for rent. There are no traffic lights or crowds, nor is there electricity available in this area, so leave your laptop at home. Locals use generators, solar, kerosene and propane lights - or do without.

BTW, the Polebridge Mercantile has absolutely the best sandwiches outside a NY deli. They bake the meat, cheeses, onions, etc. inside a sandwich-sized loaf of their homemade bread - scrumptious! The sandwich alone is worth the detour to visit Polebridge.


The ultimate tourist T-shirt

Get the ultimate tourist T-shirtThere is a new "tongue-in-cheek" website called Montana Sucks. The purpose is to try to convince tourists not to visit Montana by spreading the rumor that Montana sucks. This is a hilarious and entertaining spoof using a Smokey Bear look-alike saying, "Only you can prevent tourist tires" (from entering Montana). Check out Montana Sucks.

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