Glacier National Park in Montana

Everything you want to know about Glacier's wildlife

Glacier's Wildlife Wonders

Glacier's tall mountains and valleys provide a range of different habitats, which are home to over 70 species of mammals and more than 260 species of birds.  It is quite common to see our national bird, the American Bald Eagle and other predatory birds such as hawks and owls throughout the park.  Glacier boasts the highest population of grizzly bears in the lower forty-eight states.  Whether you drive the paved roads or hike the hundreds of miles of trails, you will probably notice a broad assortment of wildlife.

Glacier mountain goats Grizzly bears Black Bears American bald eagles Bighorn sheep
Mountain Goat Grizzly Bears Black Bears Bald Eagle Big Horn Sheep
Mountain lions Wolves Deer and mule deer Elk Moose
Mountain Lion Wolves Deer Elk Moose

Bears- take special precautions

  • Bear identification - do you know the difference between a black bear and a grizzly?
  • Bear safety tips - what to do if you come face to face with a bear.
  • Follow this trail to learn everything you ever wanted to know about  Montana's black bears and grizzlies.
  • Glacier Grizzly Bears - one of the highest densities of grizzlies in the United States is in the Glacier Park region.  If you want to spot some, try open meadows, river valleys and the forests. Grizzlies are active mostly in the mornings and evenings.
  • Report all bear sightings to a ranger.

If you just "gotta see some bears"

...and don't spot any inside the park, there's a way to satisfy your bear cravings - at a safe distance.  Just outside the park in West Glacier is a company called "The Great Bear Adventure". Located on 24 acres, they offer a driving tour through their private property where black bears and grizzly bears roam freely. This is a great opportunity to see and photograph bears in a natural setting.  Directions:  Turn right on US 2 (heading toward Kalispell) when you exit the park and the exhibit is located a few miles down the road on the right. Have your camera ready!

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