Glacier National Park in Montana

Mountain Lion

Few people ever see mountain lions (thank goodness), but know that they may be watching you, so be aware and be prepared. Glacier is home to a population of wild cats. Mountain lions (cougars, or panthers) are the largest cats in Montana weighing between 100 and 200 pounds and are incredible hunters. As carnivores they stalk deer, elk and other small animals. Lions are solitary creatures and territorial.

Most lion encounters involve the family dog - as they see our pets as an easy meal. If you chance upon a mountain lion, you should do the exact opposite of what you should do with a bear. Yell, wave your arms or coat, and make yourself look BIG and intimidating. Usually, this will spook the cat and convince it to look for an easier meal elsewhere. At such a moment, our instinctive response is to run. Don't! Running will make you look like a meal.

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